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between EMET Academy of Learning

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I Undertake the following:

  • To obey and support the EMET Academy of Learning Code of Conduct, rules and regulations.
  • To obey the decisions that is made by the leadership of EMET Academy of Learning.
  • To adhere to the full schedule of the Academy‚Äôs program.
  • To pay the full fees for the course, as well as accommodation (if and where applicable).
  • Understand that the Academy has the right to cancel my studies for non-payment of fees.  
I release EMET Academy of Learning from any claims of compensation that may arise from my studies or the cancellation thereof.

Medical Emergencies

I give permission for the necessary treatment in case of a medical emergency.

Subjection to this agreement:

  • Subject myself to this agreement without any objections Or,
  • Have the unreserved permission and support of my parents/guardian/spouse to meet the requirements of the agreement.

I hereby acknowledge that I fully understand and agree with the contents of the prospectus as published on the Emet website at

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